Wind engineering and vehicles under the bridge vibration expert seminar held

Author: Li Peilin, Wang Tianyi


At 9:00 am on November 20, 2017, a seminar on “Wind Engineering and Vehicle-Induced Vibrations on Bridges” was held at the Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University.

The seminar was presided over by Academician Yang Yongbin, honorary president of our hospital. Professor Yang Qingshan, president of our hospital, made a welcome speech. Invited experts include Professor Stanislav Pospíšil, Director of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic; Professor Shota Urushadze, Head of Laboratory, Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic; and Professor Yao Zhongda, Head of Department of Building Technology, Tamkang University, Taiwan.

First of all, on behalf of the College, Professor Yang Qingshan extended a warm welcome to all the experts and briefed the experts on the establishment of Chongqing University and the Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University. Later Professor Yang Qingshan made his own report on the research in the field of wind engineering. Prof. Stanislav Pospíšil, a Czech expert, introduced wind tunnel-related research mainly in two aspects: one is to create the interaction between the solid and the surrounding environment of the model, and the result of experiment and numerical modeling is the wind-to-structure Impacts, taking into account the effects of weather factors, such as temperature and exposure to rain cycle variations; the other is through long-term sustainable monitoring and behavioral modeling of real structures that affect long-term weather, as well as damage to high-cycle fatigue Impact, to get new discoveries. Professor Shota Urushadze introduced the vehicle-bridge coupling test model developed by the Czech Academy of Sciences and discussed the model with the experts and students present.

Professor Yao Zhongda from Taiwan introduced the relevant research process of the coupling of the axle and the axle, caused the vibration of the bridge from the vehicle, the vibration caused by the bridge to the vehicle and finally the resonance problem under the interaction of the axle and the axle.

Finally, Academician Yang Yongbin once again expressed his heart-felt gratitude to all the experts for their presence and wonderful report. The students present gave a warm applause.