China Academy of Engineering consulting project expert consultation held in Chongqing University

Author: Li Peilin, Zhang Bin

At 9:00 a.m. on November 6, 2017, the Consultative Meeting for Strategic Research on China’s Construction Information Development Strategy and the Symposium on Information Construction across the Taiwan Strait were held in Chongqing University. The meeting relied on the research project of China Academy of Engineering under the auspices of Academician Yang Yongbin of our institute, “Research on the Development Strategy of China’s Construction Industry Informatization”, presided over by Liu Guiwen, Dean of School of Building Management and Real Estate of Chongqing University.

Professor Yang Yongbin, Honorary Dean of School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Professor Liu Guiwen, Dean of Construction Management and Real Estate College of Chongqing University, Professor Yan Wei, Secretary of Construction Management and Real Estate College of Chongqing University, Professor Xie Shangxian, Director of Department of Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Professor Tam Yi-ji, Director of Research Center, Associate Professor Wu Yi-Chen, Department of Civil Engineering, Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, Associate Professor Li Bingzhan, Executive Director of BIM Center of Southwest Jiaotong University, Associate Professor Luo Ziping, Director of BIM Center, Associate Professor Wang Tingkui, Director of BIM Center of School of Building Management and Real Estate, More than 10 leaders and experts, including Sheng Li, director of the Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation of Construction Management and Real Estate, attended the conference. More than 60 doctoral and master students attended the conference.

The meeting centered on the theme of cross-Strait construction industry information held a lively discussion. President Liu Guiwen expressed his warm welcome to all experts and scholars. Academician Yang Yongbin made his own recent research report. Professor Xie Shangxian talked about the status quo and future of the development of information technology in the construction industry in Taiwan on the “BIM Experiences in Personnel Training”. In particular, he made key reports on the cultivation of talents in BIM. Professor Tam Yi-Ji briefed the Taiwan University Climate Weather Disaster Research Center, and made a forecast on the development of the construction industry informatization in the center. Associate Professor Wu Yizhen briefly introduced the practical situation of construction informationization in Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences. Associate Professor Li Bingzhan gave an in-depth report on the research and progress of infrastructure construction in informatization of construction industry. All the experts gave valuable suggestions and opinions on this topic, which is a strong impetus to the improvement of the quality of the topic.

At this point, this “China Construction Industry Information Technology Development Strategy Research Expert Consultation” and “Cross-Strait Construction Information Seminar” ended successfully. All the students present said that they benefited greatly.