China Construction Industry Information Technology Development Strategy Research Consultation held in Chongqing University

      At 17:00 on August 17, 2017, “China Construction Information Development Strategy Research Expert Consultation” was held at the Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University. The meeting relied on the consulting and research project of China Academy of Engineering under the auspices of our institute, “Research on the Development Strategy of China’s Construction Industry Informatization”. The meeting was chaired by Professor Zhu Caichao, Director of Science and Technology Department of Chongqing University
        Academician Yang Yongbin, Honorary Dean of School of Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, Academician Liu Jiaping, Dean of Architecture School of Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, Academician Xia Xuwen, Consultant Chief Engineer of Technology Center of China State Construction Engineering Corporation, Director Gao Zhongqi and Director Tang Haiying, Director of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Fu Xueyi, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Chief Engineer Professor Gong Jian, China Construction Southwest Design and Research Institute Chief Engineer Feng Yuan, senior engineer, vice president of Chongqing University Professor Liu Hanlong, director of Chongqing University Science and Technology Department Professor Zhu Caizhao, Professor Du Chunlan, Dean of School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University, Professor Yang Qingshan, Dean of School of Civil Engineering of Chongqing University, Professor Hua Jianmin, Secretary of Party Committee of Civil Engineering College of Chongqing University, Professor He Qiang, More than 20 experts and leaders, including Professor Zhu Tusheng, vice president of the University’s Construction and Management Institute, attended the meeting.

      First of all, Director Cai Cai introduced the experts attending the meeting and the leaders and vice presidents of the university, Professor Liu Hailong, as representatives of the organizers, expressed their warm welcome and sincere thanks to the experts and leaders and introduced the organization and hope of the meeting At this consultation meeting, experts can come up with valuable opinions.

      Then by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Advisory Research Project Leader Yang Yongbin academicians introduced the project background, research content, project progress and follow-up research plan. After Professor Liu Hanlong and Gong Jian, Chief Engineer respectively made the “China Construction Information Industry Development Strategy and Future”, “Digital Construction Technology in Engineering Construction” academic report.