Academic Report on Tunnel Design Theory and Security Control Technology for Weak Rock (Soil) Stratum Constrained by Sensitive Environment

      On the afternoon of September 14, 2017, Professor Zheng Huijie, professor and doctoral supervisor of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, professor of Cheung Kong Scholar of the Ministry of Education, and professor Zheng Junjie of the New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education, invited me School of Civil Engineering, conducted a “sensitive environment constraints soft rock (soil) tunnel design theory and safety control technology,” the academic report.

      The academic report was presided over by Hua Jianmin and Hua Jianmin Representative College extended a warm welcome to Professor Zheng Junjie.


        First of all, Professor Zheng Junjie introduced the background of this research project. Professor Zheng Junjie said that at present underground tunnels and other construction projects, there are three main problems: First, long-term extraction of water-rich environment disaster; the second is caused by stratigraphic deformation caused by excessive disaster; third explosion is too strong to cause disaster. Therefore, Professor Zheng Junjie team proposed three key scientific and technological issues in the basic design theory and control innovation of soft rock tunnel under the sensitive environment constraints: First, the environmental effects caused by tunnel excavation in deformation-sensitive environment Method and control technology; the second is the design method and prevention and control technology of large-section totally-enclosed water-proof composite lining under multi-dimensional constraints; the third is the vibration-sensitive tunnel blasting environmental effect evaluation and prevention and control technology.


        Then, Professor Zheng Junjie introduced the scientific research cooperation activities carried out by the team and units including Iron IV Institute and a series of innovations achieved. Zheng Junjie team results of the team has four innovations, one is weak formation tunnel design theory and control technology innovation, the second is a large section of the composite waterproofing tunnel design and waterproofing technology, the third is deformation sensitive environment tunnel excavation environment Effect evaluation method and control technology, and the fourth is the evaluation and prevention and control of blasting environmental effects under vibration-sensitive environment. And Hubei Technology Exchange Co., Ltd. highly praised its scientific research achievements, that the results of technology maturity level 9 (the most mature level), technological innovation degree of 4 (the best level). In the practical application of subway tunnels in Wuhan, it also achieved very good results and promoted the progress of the entire industry. From the advanced features of key technologies, it is also superior to similar technologies at home and abroad in some aspects of theory and construction technology, for example Ordinary waterproof board technology, peck empirical formula, the existing Winkler foundation beam method, the conventional “short footage, low dose” control blasting.

        After Professor Zheng Junjie finished his report, the teachers and students were competing to ask questions to the professor. The atmosphere of the venue was active, relaxed and happy.


        Professor Zheng Junjie compared Wuhan with Chongqing and introduced the current technical problems in urban underground rail transit. He also said that it is precisely because of the complexity and hard wondering of geotechnical engineering that only a large number of outstanding teachers have been attracted and students are devoted to Geotechnical research work. During this period, Professor Zheng Junjie also specially evaluated the design of the underground parking garage of our school’s football stadium in Area B, considering that it made good use of the underground space and brought great convenience to the travel of teachers and students. At the same time, the professor mentioned the failure of a 18-story high-rise building in Wuhan in the early years. He pointed out that many current application technologies, such as immersed pipe piles, anchor bolts and shields, lacked the hope that engineers are aware of the current geotechnical engineering The risks and difficulties.

      More than an hour of academic report, Professor Zheng Junjie humorous explanation, become very easy. Listening students said Professor Zheng Junjie’s report not only enabled students to learn cutting-edge scientific knowledge, broaden their horizons, but also enhance students’ determination to overcome difficulties in the field of geotechnical engineering.