Yuntian Wu


Education experience

2005-2008 University of Southern California, Civil Engineering Ph.D.

2001-2005 University of Southern California Master of Engineering

1997-2001 Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Hunan University

2006 California Registered Civil Engineer (C72484)

Presided over the topic

2011 National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Science Fund Project

2011 Chongqing Natural Science Foundation of the project

Chongqing Science and Technology Plan 2013 Talents Training Program

2015 National Science Foundation of China Fund Project

2016 Ministry of Science and key special topics

The main award

2014 Chongqing Science and Technology prize three

2008 Southern California Institute of Structural Engineers Annual Design Award (KP Hospital)

Personal profile

Chongqing University professor, doctoral tutor

Introduction of typical results

Seismic behavior and design of prefabricated steel structure – concrete composite frame

Seismic behavior and analysis of composite combined steel plate shear wall

Seismic behavior and analysis of integrated steel truss composite shear wall

research direction

Nonlinear analysis theory and method of composite structure

Seismic behavior of super high-rise composite structures

Assembled structural system

Contact information

  • Chongqing University Engineering Vibration and Disaster Prevention Research Center
  • 18716371515