Academic Achievements

Internationally reputable master of civil engineering
Yeong-Bin Yang

1: Project Type: National Natural Science Foundation of China

Project Title: Theory and Practice of Dynamic Measurement of Bridges Based on Moving Vehicles

Project approval number: 51678091

2: Project Type: National Key R & D Program (Ministry of Science and Technology)

Project Name: Vibration Control Technology for Existing Industrial Buildings

Project approval number: 2016YF701302

3: Project Type: Chongqing Science and Technology Project

Project Name: Urban Subway Operation of Super Tall Building Construction, Safety and Corresponding Characteristics Analysis

Project approval number: cstc2015jcyjys30003

Project 4: Project Type: Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Open Issues

Project Name: Application of New Filtering Technique in Indirect Measurement between Bridges

Project approval number: 090207181202/006

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Yuntian Wu

1.2012-2015, National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Fund, “Study on Seismic Behavior of New Joints and Shear Walls of High-rise Building with Joints and Sheets”, Grant No .: 51108484;

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